Finally, March 8 is around the corner symbolizing the International Women’s Day! In Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and some other countries of the former USSR, Women’s Day is a major public holiday, which may only be compared with the magnitude and warmth of Mother’s Day. This holiday is celebrated every year on March 8, with both males and females getting a day off work.

Did you already decide what gift to get for your mom, grandma, sister, colleague, wife or girlfriend??? If you don’t have any idea, then please check out my little gift ideas selection for your close ones, maybe it will help you get the perfect gift.

tulips-bouquet gift idea

1. Flowers for women are the necessary mark of this day. Flowers are a symbol of International Women’s Day, and many countries celebrate by decorating with flowers or giving them to women as presents. In Italy, yellow mimosas are popular. Russians give a variety of flowers, including red tulips.

Shoes gift ideas

2. Let’s move on to women’s next best friend – Shoes! When in doubt about what to get that special woman in your life, go with shoes. From high-heels to a pair of whimsically comfortable ballet flats, shoe lovers typically enjoy enhancing their collection of footwear by choosing a variety of colors, styles, and designs.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 13.26.55

3. If you want to empower the women in your life, gift a book of her choice. There is nothing as better as a book for an avid reader. Be it your sister or mom, if she loves reading, just find out her genre and gift the same. Trust me a book is one of the best gift ideas for women’s day celebration.

Chocolate-sweets gift ideas

4. If you know she has a sweet tooth, just bring her a few of her fave sweets: chocolate, tarts or cakes…and if you are spontaneous, you can even try making something at home! You can be sure that she will appreciate your effort, even if your soufflé will spoil!

beauty salon gift ideas

5. Let’s face it, men, women work hard themselves, so they deserve some time off from their daily duties, maybe some pampering and quality moments with themselves. That is why we can suggest a day at a beauty salon or a spa.


6. Another simple way to pamper her would be to get her that favorite perfume that she’s been wanting for a while now!


7. A handbag whether it’s duffel, tote, sling, shoulder, clutch or hobo, makes one of the best women’s day celebration gift ideas. The fun thing is that no matter how many bags a woman may own, she can never have enough! So, go get a bag packed beautifully for the woman in your life this Women’s Day!

8 march

8. Last but not least! Maybe some of you might be on a low budget this month, but that does not need to stop you at all. You can offer nice moments without spending a dime! Give a day as a present. Let her enjoy a free day from her chores, taking care of the kids, making her breakfast in bed, or taking her out on a picnic in the park! Just make her feel like this day is only about her, and let her feel special!

This was my list! I chose only 8 so that you can better reflect the special day, but there are much more great ideas out there, and I would also like to hear yours! What do you have in mind for the women in your lives?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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