I recently discovered the website Gamiss and was blown away by their large selection of apparel and accessories for women, and at such a reasonable price point, style and affordability! They speak my language! Currently, they have some amazing sales on their site as they are blowing out their summer stock to make room for fall must-haves.

With Dubai starting to become a glimmer on the horizon, I’m currently scouting out and lusting over far too many bikinis and prom dresses for anyone’s liking. So I thought I’d put together a little wish list off all the bits I’m currently lusting over!

Gamiss is an online retailer that offers worldwide shipping on what I would say are really affordable, yet amazing quality pieces of which rival some of the current high streets but they have everything you would ever need in one place, which for me is perfect! Now I’m fully aware that wishlist contains all things summer when we’re currently in the middle of winter, but I’m living in Dubai where it’s enough summer here!

When you think of summer you also think about cocktail dresses and cover-up 🙂

These dresses caught my eye:

Gamiss has a lot of different clothes and accessories. You should definitely check it out!


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