Affordable bags

Affordable bags, Important tips!

There are many incredibly affordable bags that otherwise look quite fancy.

Many women are on the lookout for the latest and the coolest handbag styles that are hung over the arms of many fashion models on fashion magazines, billboards, and websites. But most of these designer labels have a price tag that’s too steep for most average women to afford.

What to look for when buying affordable bags?


Affordable bags

Right now luxury brands are embracing minimalism so inexpensive bags that have that same vibe look expensive as well. Also, the more buckles, fixtures, or embellishments a bag has, the more likely it is to tarnish or fall apart.


Bags with structure always look more refined. Also as inexpensive bags age, they tend to lose their shape so it’s best to start with something that feels and looks firm so you can get a decent amount of wear out of it. Here’s a quick test, if the bag can stand on its own and hold it’s shaping; you’ve found a winner.


Affordable bags

There’s a huge trend of Chanel-like chain strap bags happening right now. They may look great but be careful, with everyday wear these will tarnish quickly and may even leave residue on light color garments.


Affordable bags

Obviously this varies from person to person, but I prefer something that maybe reminds me of a designer bag but isn’t a straight-up knockoff. Zara is a great place to find affordable bags that are similar to designer styles as well as Michael Kors.

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