Al Maha

Al Maha, A Unique Place to Disconnect

Al Maha is hidden within an oasis in the middle of the United Arab Emirates desert and it is part of Marriott’s The Luxury Collection.

Al Maha is a fantastic value for Marriott Bonvoy‘s points.

This amazing Resort is the perfect place to disconnect from the chaos of daily life.

Al Maha

Surrounded by the remarkable beauty of the Arabian Desert, Al Maha offers unequaled serenity in a natural reserve where you can observe wild animals such as Arabian oryx and gazelles.  Al Maha is Arabic for the Oryx, an icon of the resort as dozens of them run free around the property, a few of whom ventured very close to our accommodation. It has the feel of a giant luxury farm with many species of animals roaming free.

Al Maha is an extraordinary resort, one of only a few to offer the chance to spend a luxury evening in the desert.

Al maha

If you want to feel like one of the nomadic bedouins with a dash of luxury, then booking a stay here is a must as you will be right in the middle of a conservation area.

Once you are on the property, you are hidden from the rest of the world.

To make sure to enjoy our experience in this luxury resort to the fullest, we had breakfast in the room. The breakfast will be set up on the table outside, right by the pool.

al maha
Al maha

The resort has 42 suites, each equipped with some world-class amenities. Each room is a private villa with a plunge pool and a large deck. The standard room is called a Bedouin Suite, although it resembles a tent and is fully air-conditioned.

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